Skate Lessons

Dear Skaters

Roller Skating is a lifgelong pastime and healthy family activity that can be donein a rink or outside on local trails.

We encourage all family members to take lessons together. Whether you skated every Friday night as a teenager or birthday parties every Saturday afternoon, everyone benefits from a refresher!

Skate Estate will be offering a 15% Discount on skates and safety gear for lesson skaters. While retal skates are available, your own are always better. Knee, elbow and wrist gaurds are recommended but not required and a bike helmet may be worn.

Sign-Up at the rink and pre-registration is recommended as we have a class limit to ensure every skater can progress.

Please email or call Skate Estate if you have any Questions!

Basic Skating Skills Taught:

Level I
Stopping or Braking
Maneuvering through cones
Forward crosspulls
Balancing on one foot
Level II
Forward Crossovers
Backward Scissors

Classes are Saturday Mornings from 9am-10am

Month for the first skater (Includes 4 Skating lessons) $40
for each additional family member $20

This includes skate rental and the Trike Trot and Roll Session after the Skate Lesson